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Fitness: The Journey That Changed My Life

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Fitness is just like business, as soon as you start seeing results, you begin to get hungry for more! What good is money if you're not healthy or not self-confident with your physical appearance? I believe in developing yourself as a complete person and in reality, the only thing we have as human beings is our own bodies. You don't take your car or your house everywhere you go, but your body is with you 24/7, 365. That is why health is arguably the most important pillar in personal development.

You can be the wealthiest man or woman on the planet, money can buy you just about anything you want, except for your health. I grew up a chubby child and I still remember the days being self-conscious about myself, I absolutely hated it. I knew I had to change my diet but I had no idea where to start. I think I tried every 6-minute ab program that existed. I then realized I needed to work harder and I began running on the treadmill for hours a day and began eating a lot healthier. I went from 187lbs to 142lbs in about 6 months. I had burned off all the stubborn fat but now had a new problem, I had no muscle.

I was a sophomore in high school at the time and since I was an athlete, I worked out every day, but I didn't quite have a plan or goal in mind. I would do bicep curls every single day because that what the girls liked. I would also max-out on the bench press every day thinking I should lift more today than I did yesterday. It wasn't until the second half of my senior year in high school that it all kicked in. Tennis season had just ended and I was preparing for track season when my close friend Victor had invited me to workout with him. I was mind-blown by his preparation of planning his workouts and his meals. This is when it all changed.

School ended, I had graduated and it was summer time. I began working out with Victor every single day. He taught me everything I needed to know and I soaked it all in like a sponge. I learned the proper muscle building techniques like squeezing the targeted muscle at the top and releasing it slowly through eccentric movement to keep that muscle under tension throughout the reps. I became obsessed with proper form and proper dieting and a whole new world had opened up for me. I felt as if I had been reborn, my life was changed and I cannot explain to you how grateful I am to Victor, we were no longer friends, we were brothers.

Fast forward 3 years now and I have taken everything that I have learned to another level. I am an extremely busy person but every morning I start my day with my workout. I now have it all so engrained into my mind that it's just second nature to me. I continue to push myself to reach new heights every week and it has become a lifestyle for me. Fitness has put me in such a state of happiness and has raised my self-confidence through the roof. I truly feel that everyone on this planet needs to understand the value of what a healthy, fit, lifestyle can do for you. I have been able to impact so many lives already by passing down my knowledge to others and nothing is more heart-warming than someone telling you "because of you my life has changed."

I hope to pass along my knowledge of health & fitness to millions of people and help reshape their lives. I truly believe that I am the happiest person alive and fitness has played an enormous role in that. I wish everyone could feel the way I feel. I speak this from experience. I was once that out of shape guy without any direction and I was able to overcome that and much more. If you can relate, if you feel stuck, you've tried everything and nothing is working, I want to help be your Victor. I will teach you the proper dieting techniques and proper form in the gym so that you too can transform your life and become the person you want to be. You won't even know how good it is until you get there!

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